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First, the Butcher faces the risk of injury or harm when cutting and preparing meat. Second, Butcher shops may face claims or lawsuits when someone is injured at work. Third, Butcher shops often have property damage from their facilities, like a broken freezer or a flood.


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Meat-cutting liability insurance to ensure that you are covered for any personal injury or property damage from meat-cutting accidents

Meat-cutting accidents can be unpleasant and costly, but at beef we put a special focus on injuries inside the workplace. Beef makes sure you have the right type of coverage for the right price, and that meat-cutting liability coverage is included with each policy.

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Business interruption insurance that helps budget for slow times, like when you are out sick or on vacation.

Butcher or meat processing company provides meat at a great price, but when butcher personnel cut themselves while preparing their cuts, the budget suffers. To offset the loss of productivity when people are out, Beef offers a policy that enables the Butcher to carry on with cutting meat with little exposure to loss in the event of illness or injury.

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BEEF Insurance provides a different approach to business insurance for individual butchers and butcher shops.

To put dollars where it matters most, BEEF offers comprehensive services that give your butcher shop the tools you need to succeed. With BEEF's short-term disability coverage, you know that your customers don’t have to go without a source for their cuts.

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