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First, High-rise construction projects often need extra property insurance coverage. Second, High-rise construction projects may need to be insured for excess liability. Third, High-rise constructions may need equipment insurance in order to cover equipment and materials used in the project.


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Excess liability insurance for high elevation renovations and constructions

With Excalibur's excess liability insurance, you can protect your company from liability up to one hundred feet above your work site. You will have the coverage you need for your business, including coverage for your employees and independent contractors.

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Owing to the nature of these projects, property insurance may also be necessary.

While high-rise construction renovations and constructions carry the risk of property damage as well, standard policy limits may not come close to matching the value of a luxury condo or landmark skyscraper. Excalibur's property insurance will extend beyond the maximum value of a standard policy, helping to protect your company's value and reputation. How does the stock market work in your country? What types of investments are popular? How is the market regulated? Investigate the following and do some basic research into industries that could benefit from this information.

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Excess liability insurance that extends to as high as the building is, plus property insurance that protects high value property

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Altitude insurance for your next high-rise construction project

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