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First, pandemics have forced closures of businesses over the last few years. Second, restaurants have high operation costs and often need to purchase coverage in the same year they've already insured their work. Third, catering companies don't always receive accurate payments from clients and need to collect.


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Business owners' insurance

Many of the traditional commercial insurance policies start with high premiums and low coverage limits. What's missing is insurance that fits the needs of a good business owner like you - someone who really strives to deliver a great product that thrives in a tough market. We created Grub to let you put your best foot forward for your customers and make sure you stay in business.

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Worker's compensation insurance

You work hard to care for your people. You have to provide backup when an employee gets hurt. That's something you have control for. When an employee is injured on the job, you want to make sure you're doing the right thing - that you're setting a good example and doing what is right.

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Protection is built in for the risks you face today and in the future, even if you get a couple upset Yelp reviews

Today's business climate is tough. There's a lot more competition than there used to be, and small mistakes can get really big, really fast. We're in the business of providing personalized solutions to business owners who want to put their best foot forward for their customers, and make sure they stay in business.

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It's easy

All we need are your a description of the food you sell and your business, some information about your fire protection, and a list of your employees.

It's not just what you put on the plate. It's putting your best foot forward.

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